You ever wonder what it would be like to crush someone's fingers?i do
What pleases me about the thought it the pain and agony to be felt by the person
Their painful cries is to be music to my ears
Turns out at a time maybe or at this very moment people used to or are or do eat other people
Do you think they cook them?i mean of course not
Well that's according to me but do you think they'd cook them alive for the pleasure of it?If you're not aware after skinning someone they can live on for hours
Skin them then cook them alive? the heat burning through sensitive flesh ...
Okay let's talk about sanity
Since at this point you may think i have none
Do you think pulling someone's teeth out may bring sanity?
The excruciating pain of pulling someone's tooth out.The blood and slowly feeling it slide from them gums
Welp the more uses for a screwdriver
Let's go back to crushing the fingers
I just thought of what would pulling their nails out would feel as
Okay okay i know i may sound crazy but hear me out here at least i have enough sense to pick vampires over werewolves
Vampires may not be real but that doesn't give reason not to stake someone to death
Why stake the heart?
Slowly pushing in sharp pieces of wood into someone's body probably would be just as fun
They probably would bleed off to death but scream while doing it 😏
Ill be sure to write of more interesting thoughts of mine
How many bodies would have been in your basement by now if it were legal ?

Story is told by strange girl


Top notch, very relatable. Im some one who gets turned on by the sound of tearing flesh and would alwats get these.... Creative thoughts on what to do with a person. Those thoughts were never fueled by hatred but morr fueled by my curiousity and child imagination.


You little skank!!! You didn't text me. Brat!


5... I deffinetly dont have any there rn.... 😇