So my cousin bought me a Teddy bear, I liked it so much I put it in my room facing me. I head to sleep bc it was like 11:00. I peaked my eyes the teddy bear was still looking at me, I woke up around 3am the teddy bear was facing a other way so I decided to put the teddy bear in my parents room, in the morning It came back but it had a creepy smile,. I wanted to return this bear but I couldn't so I burned it instead THE END~! JSJWWJNWUWNWJSNHSSNSBSBSNSNANANANANANAAJAJANAMAMAMAAMSNNNNSSNSNSNSNSMZMZMZMZMZMSMMZMZMAMAMAMMmmanNsnznznznnznsnsnsnsnznsmsmsmsmsmsns snsnznnznnzznnznsnsnsnnsnzsnznznznznmzmzmznznznznsnsnsnsnsnnssjsnsnksnksnsksnksssksnsnsnsnjananakakamaammamamamamamamammaammssmmsmsms ok sorry lol I love you

Story is told by Scary stuff