?If you haven't read the part 3 please read it to avoid any spoilers? As Nikki get a frontseat near Hannah. Hannah then notice as she saw Nikki face expression as a sign of furious "Nikki, how are you feeling?" Hannah asked. "Hannah..do you remember what i told you about before?" replied Nikki. "Which one? The rose story?" asked Hannah. "Well yes precisely and guess what? I found the rose again but this time it comes with a black enveloped outside my room!" said Nikki. Hannah face was shocked as she listen to what Nikki told her "Girl, that is creepy! What's the letter says on the enveloped?!. "Just a moment" said Nikki while she searched for the rose and the black enveloped on her bag. As she searched for it, she couldn't find the rose and the black enveloped on her bag that she had put inside earlier. "The rose and the enveloped i couldn't find it i swear..I-" said Nikki. "Perhaps you left it at home?" asked Hannah. "No, i swear i place it inside this bag earlier before you came to pick me up" Nikki replied. Hannah then sigh and said "Yeaa no worries Nikki. I believed you.. well afterall you will not at least get scared of being stalked anymore since you slept at my house tonight so you are safe with me". "Oh yea you're right about it. What would i do without you" said Nikki as she wink. Hannah then shrugs off as she smiled and continued to driving while Nikki turned on the radio as she sang along with it. Nikki got curious as for the sudden missing of the rose and the black enveloped that she recieved. She then again decided to ignored it for a while. As they arrived at Hannah house, Hannah parked her car and told Nikki to waited while Hannah knocked on their door house to see if someone at the house. There is no any respond and then Hannah don't had any other choice but to get back to her car. "Ugh my mom must be going somewhere and the door was locked ..i'll just had to call her" said Hannah. Nikki then nods and wait patiently as she yawned. As Hannah had ended up her call with her mother she then told " My mom had to bring our cat to the veterinary clinic due to her sudden sickness plus my mom said she forgot to left our key house behind. I guess she forgot that you gonna had sleepover at my house". As Nikki wants to gets sulky, she just express her sympathetic for their cats and wish her fine. "oh bummer, well i guess we can't do anything about it" said Nikki. "Yeah and i am sorry for this delay" Hannah apologized and Nikki replied "It's alright, things just happened". They planned to waited for Hannah mom to came home so they decided to took a nap for a while. After several moments later, Hannah phones rang and it makes both of them woke up. As Hannah answered her phone, she thought that it was from her mother but it wasn't , it was a friend of her. As Hannah had ended up conversation with her friend, she let out a sigh and then Nikki notice Hannah texted her mom. "oh what's wrong Hannah? Who was it earlier?" asked Nikki. "It was a friend of my mine, she invited me to a costume party at her place tomorrow and i also mentioned her about you" Hannah replied. "Oh that seems fun but why are you mentioning my name, Hannah?" asked Nikki. "You my dear are going there together with me!" said Hannah as she giggles. "You should've asked for my permissions first" replied Nikki as she smirk at her. Hannah then giggles and apologized to Nikki. Not long after, Nikki saw a car just parked next to Hannah car and said "i think your mom had just arrived". "Well now lets packed your things inside" Hannah replied while Nikki went out from car and greets Hannah mom. After they had talked for minutes, Nikki follows Hannah inside and went upstairs heading to Hannah bedroom while Nikki looked the surrounding. "What a nice home you got, i like it here" said Nikki. "Just as nice as me" Hannah replied along with giggles. Nikki then laugh it off and followed Hannah inside her bedroom. "So since you gonna spent your 3 nights at my place, is this your only things you brought here? Nothing left in my car?" asked Hannah. Then suddenly Nikki remembered that she left her bag inside Hannah car and said "oh yea bummer i left my bag in your car and i totally forgot about it". Nikki then rush to the downstair and went outside heading to the car and as she about to opened the car door she notice a red rose is being placed on between the handle door. Nikki heart went beating fast as she saw the red rose again. She turned around her back as she worried about her safety. There is no one at first place but as she looked things with careful she then saw a black figure standing from a distance. Nikki couldn't see the figure clearly as its already night and dark. Nikki then don't wasted anytime as she took her bag and ran inside as quick as she can to feel safe again. ????????????? ? ? Thanks a lot for ? reading this i hope ? you enjoy this and don't ? forget to leave comments ? down below. I really appreciate it ? ?????????????

Story is told by Sharifah Atiqah