Okay hey guys its alex,its come to my attention that people are hating some of my books. I just made myself an account to have fun and not get hate this just brings me down when you know you have depression. Cause when I first started writing I always thought I sucked at writing and with hate comments. So I just wanted to say if you don't like them keep it to yourself like I don't need to be brought down. I've been dealing with stuff like bullying my whole life and I don't need more to add on to that. I just stared to get my life straighted out and my depression getting better I got a girlfriend who I love a lot. She doesn't want me to feel bad so please no hate comments if you don't like it just leave..... Made by: alex ????

Story is told by Alex

Black Cat

im sorry but you can't control what people like or hate.thats why theres a like and dislike button.


Sharifah Atiqah, Thanks and I will

Sharifah Atiqah

aww i am glad tht you had someone who cred bout you and plese ignored all the hatred comments..they are just being envy and dont take their words too personally since they dont know who you truly are, keep standing up and you may get down at some point but remember to get back up?