The night was warm, but a strong summer wind was blowing all the trees causes them to sway, blowing my hair wild.. Leaves flew all around us as we walked our way back to the trail blazer. We had just come from our favorite trail we walk every other day.. Clouds covered most of the night's sky this evening.. along with the view of the stars and nearly full moon.. We weren't tired or quite ready to go back home.. My fiance asked me if I wanted to go to the beach.. It was late, but we were both off tomorrow so I replied, "Sure, lovie! Let's go on an adventure! ?" So on our way we went, we drove and talked while the music blared out the windows.. hands flowing in the wind, singing off key to every song on every station.. Wasn't much longer until we were right upon the drive way and the gate guarding our beautiful beach.. that closes before dark.. As we approached the beach, it was late so the gate was closed.. Adam pulled alongside one of the stone gate walls, and put it into park.. We parked along side the road and gate that marked "No Entry".. it's a safe spot to park, despite the no entry warning.. We had probably parked there nearly two dozen times easy, and never had an issue. No one ever goes out there late at night.. Flashlights and towels, lit cigarettes.. He led the way.. It was unusually dark, I assume because of all the clouds.. but every once in awhile the nearly full moon would shine through, illuminating the entire park and beach.. I love full moons! After about six minutes of walking, me traipsing alongside Adam. Trying my best to make him blush.. I'm skipping ahead of him, holding the edges of my skirt teasingly,.. bending over to tie my shoes.. Why, all in innocent fun of course!! *giggle* He grabbed my hips and held me for a second as I stood up letting go of my shoe laces, he was close to me now. hands firm on my hips.. his chest and broad shoulders draping over me.. Once we began breathing again lol we attempted walking.. all the while, Him holding me tight, right behind me.. I am holding his wrists/forearms now.. He leans to my ear and removes the hair, tucking it soundly behind my ear.. and his voice makes me melt as he squeezes my hips and says.. "Behave little miss, we are almost there, I'd hate to have to spank you.." I nearly gasp for air and get chills all over my body.. We have been together 4 years now, and we still can't get enough of one another.. Not long into what seemed like only a few minutes of walking, we spot a park bench, table and bench seats.. We picked the best one out of the few around the shore side.. I love the way they have tables and benches on the cliff side over looking the water under a few trees. We start making our camp right there while we smoke and talk.. "Truth or Dare?" Adam seductively asks me, I pick truth.. he asks me "What is your greatest fear?" I tell him growing old, too old to take care of myself, too old to remember my loved ones, or my own reflection of name.. and he agrees then notes that is subject for some much deep conversation we should discuss again sometime... upon the pause that followed I then told him, non chalantely that it was his turn.. "Truth or Dare?" He picks dare.. I had to think for a moment, as I'm pondering on what to make him do since he was after all at my mercy hehe.. -what? did you say.. and Adam's voice trailled off as he's looking around.. Then we both realize what it was.. We faintly heard a woman's beautiful singing, beautiful.. transcending.. and sad.. very sad singing.. He asked me if I heard it and I replied, "Of course I do." half scoffing at him half just under my breath. I didn't wanna startle her, but I also didn't want to stop listening to her voice and that song she was singing... I didn't want to hear anything but that. I was thinking about daring him to go check out where that music is coming from?... He's hesitantly looking around and at first he tries to shrug it off and say it's another fellow nature junkie out at the beach on a full moon night.. but upon further inspection.. after I dared him to get a closer peep, we see a beautiful, topless and did I say beautiful? woman in the water, without talking anymore we are both walking closer.. Adam is about three steps in front of me.. "Slow, Adam, you may frighten her.. I don't want her to think we are some kinda night stalker or something," he shushhes me and waves for me to come closer and grab he's extended palm.. We are at the waters edge now.. We step in the luke warm water, strong winds blowing all around us.. I wake up from this trance and realize we are headed towards the cliff side where she is clinging to a rock naked, getting bthradhed by waves..just singing under the full moon light.. Adam hollers out, "Miss, are you alright?" "We mean you no harm, I'm Adam and this is Lilly." I tug Adam's arm and tell him I have a strange feeling and that we should go.. just as soon as I do, I don't even think I finished my sentence before she snaps her head straight up at us, soulless huge black eyes glaring at us, then just dives in the water.. I grab Adam's arm and pull him towards the shore. I'm DRAGGING him at this point, the closer we get to the shore he starts coming too, "Lill, what's going on, why did we get in so deep in our clothes?" "Hurry Adam, we have to get out of this water!!" "NOW!!" I hear a screech unlike anything I'd ever heard except in like some horror movies, that's the closest reference to anything I'd ever heard. I grab my ears and accidentally let yo of Adams arm for a minute and just as I did he's bobbing up and down struggling to stay above water as he's screaming. "AHHH, MY LEG, SOM..ETHIN...G HAS M...Y LEEEG!!" Adam is shouting and going under, I swim towards him deeper into the water and further from shore but he wasn't out of my reach.. I keep pulling on him, trying to swim and hold onto his arm and carry him to shore with me.. fighting at this point.. He goes under once more.. This time I go under for a moment too, I open my eyes and I see pale feminine hands with long skinny fingers and long sharp nails grabbing his torso and anything she can just pulling him.. I do the only thing I can think of and level my body when she pulls us under again and kick as hard as I could towards the last place I saw her grip. I didn't know if I kicked Adam or if I kicked that bit*h but I didn't really care because suddenly we were crawling onto the shore. We were now only in about a foot of water.. and we collapse, Out of breath and bleeding. I gaze at his wounds.. pulling him all the way onto the shore.. dry land.. I don't know why, but I knew we were safe on shore.. With one arm of his around me and the other with his hand holding a walking stick..We hike back to the car, and I help him into the passenger seat and assume my seat in the driver's side... I drove us home, he was in a lot of pain.. he refused to go to the hospital.. he had huge scratch marks and we were soaking wet.. "What the **** was that, why did we even get that deep in the water? I didn't know what I was doing, I'm sorry baby.. I don't know what's going on..". "Shhhh, shh, babe it's okay.. I'm not sure what happened but we will figure it out.. right after we make it home and I bandage you up.." that's the last time we went swimming.. Thank God I'm a nurse and have very thorough first aid kits.. he need 11 stitches on his abdominal and on his left leg on his calf.. did I really see what I think I did? A women's hands.. really long and sharp fingernails, grabbing and pulling my Adam? No, it couldn't be.. that's impossible.. but where did she go? She dove in the water and never surfaced.. Her singing put us in a trance, we nearly walked to our death, just in open water.. what were we thinking? What was wrong with us? Her singing.. I could feel it.. After our endeavor, I researched a bit on different mythology and lore.. I believe we were victims of the Siren's Song.. A dreadful, beautiful, sad, transcendent song.. la, la, la.. da da da.. mhmm.. mm..

Story is told by Lillith