[Heads up! This story is based off a video game/series called DANGANRONPA! The idea is not mine! Tip: Don't get attatched to any characters, you don't know what might happen to them..] PROLOGUE.. The last thing I remember..is getting onto a bus.. ... My head hurts.. Am I dead? Or am I dreaming? I finally wake up, tied to a chair on a bus, held down with heavy chains. "Go back to sleep.." Someone next to me said. "Don't look up front..just go back to sleep..and stay quiet.." I blink. And I go back to sleep. ... ... ... I wake up again, but in a school desk. I look around.. Why are the windows boarded up? Is this some kind of joke? I stand up from the chair..and I walk to the door. I open the door to a school hallway. I hear whispering.. "Is he awake? Can I go on the loud speakers now?" Silence. The loud speakers turned on. "Welcome students! Welcome to Hope's Peak Academy! All students, please go to the auditorium for an entrance assembly..or be crushed by a speeding wall!" The ground started to shake.. I guess I had to find the auditorium! I run around the school as the wall gets closer. I finally find the room, and run inside. A large group of about 14 other students, wait for me. "Another?" "What's happening?" "Everyone stay calm, it's okay." The students entered a panic. The curtains opened up to our principal. "Welcome students!" We turn our heads..to a bear? The bear can talk? Am I okay? A light flashes. We were all blinded. ... ... ... When we could see again, our clothes were completely changed. I look around. The principal clears his throat. "Now that everybody is ready, I gotta break some news to you all. You aren't at a normal school.. This in fact is a.. A.. A killing game!" (To be continued! Puhuhuhuhu!)

Story is told by iceb