[Sorry I havent been writing, my old phone broke so I had to re-download! Anyways, here's part 3 :D] After several more hours of research on the dates, his discovery was sickening.. This paper has the world in its hands? "This has to be a joke.." He kept circling dates into groups. But in every row, there was a section missed. There was still a lot more behind the odd peice of paper. The father arrived to work at the power plant, and showed the discovery to a co-worker. "Dave, I'm trying to tell you, this is insane! Why would you believe a silly peice of paper?" (Dave is the kid's dad if you didn't know) The co-worker looked extremely disappointed with his friend. "You've got to believe me, this paper IS telling the future!" The co-worker face-palmed. "Well, if you believe it, that's fine." It began to rain outside, and school was out for Jordan. Dave was on his way to go pick up his son. He held the paper in his hand, and studied it at red lights. Halfway there, the storm got worse. *FLASH FLOOD WARNING: STAY INDOORS AND OUT OF THE WAY OF THE STORM* "C'mon, this traffic isn't helping.." He tapped his foot on the floor. Then, a few cars ahead of him was struck by lightning. He looked at the paper with shock. . . . Today was one of the dates on the paper.. Lightning struck everywhere around him. Then.. Out of the blue, an airplane crashed from being struck. He looked at the location on his car's GPS, and slowly circled a group of numbers. The unmarked numbers was the exact location of the disaster.. And he happened to be in the middle of it.

Story is told by iceb