Hey user today I am going to be making a new story for you!!!!And today is the day that the new story will begin,so if you have any questions comment them down bellow and pls don't hate on me,I don't like hate especially in covid-19.know the person who is getting the shout out is lonewolf she commented on my last story so let's get right into it... One day long ago there was a unknown forest nobody new about it but 1 person Lola she only new where it was but she decided to keep it a secret She only told her friend katie and alexa they where from the show alexa and Katie... Thanks so much for reading like if you want another part to continue hope u guys have an amazing day hope you guys enjoyed don't forget to be nice to each and everyone bye byyyyyeeee???

Story is told by Xx_lonewolfie_xX


Cant wait to see what happens next....