?If you haven't read the part 2 please read it to avoid any spoilers? As Nikki went home, she toss her bag at sofa as she went to the kitchen to took a snack. Nikki then took a peek at her watch as it showed it is 3pm in the afternoon "Oh i guess i'll just make a call with her" As soon as Nikki called her mom there is no any respond from her mom. There is nothing much to do for Nikki in the evening as she waited her mom to come home, so she went to took a bath afterwards. As she almost done her bath, she smell a fragrant smell as someone just sprayed a perfume around the bathroom. Nikki felt chills as she knew that she didn't sprayed anything yet that time and she just decides to ignored it. As she finished, she went out to put on her pajamas and went to sleep. After several moments, as Nikki asleep she smell something fragrant around her room. As she opened her eyes, she peek around her room if someone is there with her. But the smell of the scent getting stronger, as she still sits on her bed. Nikki quickly get off from her bed and open her door. As she opened it, she saw a lying rose on the floor near her door. This time its just not a rose, there was a small black enveloped beside it. There is no one at that house except Nikki while her mom is still doing her afternoon shift. Nikki creeped out and scared thinking that there is someone who stalked her along the way. She then took the rose and opened the enveloped which says "Hello my queen" with a small emoji face. Nikki then realized it wasn't a pranked anymore since she saw the rose for a second time at her house. She was about to called the police but then she thought "Oh right..what is the logical reason should i tell them. Are they gonna believed me anyway?". She then chose to hang up her phone and toss it on her bed. The clock shows its already 7:30pm while she heard a car being parked outside. She then took a peek as she saw her mom walked out from the car with her mom helding a plastic bag. Nikki then went outside to helped her mom and acting like everything is normal. "How are you holding up when i was away?" her mom asked. Nikki then replied "ummm yea i guess i'm alright". Her mom knew that there is something Nikki tried not to tell her with her expression face. Her mom then asked " well you don't look like one". "Let's just get inside first" Nikki replied."So i just wanna asked do you smell anything recently around our house?". Her mom then turned around and replied with a furious face "What do you mean honey? What kind of smell?". Nikki then took out the rose the she found earlier then showed it as evidence to her mom. Her mom expression was speechless after Nikki showed it and her mom asked "I haven't saw this kind of rose for years..honey where did you found this?". Nikki let out a confusion expression as she asked the question back "This kind of rose? Mom i don't understand, there is pleanty kind of roses in this town. Care to explained?". As her mom about to replied, the sound of horn car can be heard from the outside with a voice calling out Nikki names. "Uh yea mom..i almost forgot to told you that i'm gonna had sleepover at Hannah house tonight, i tried to call you earlier but you haven't picked up your phone. We will continued our conversation tomorrow." said Nikki. Her mom sigh and then nods her head as she can't do anything about it "I was planning to make us dinner but maybe next time. Just becareful honey and don't do anything silly". Nikki then apologized to her and grab her bags as she wave at her mom and get inside Hannah car. Nikki got curious as her mom couldn't get the chanced to explained what she will told to her. ????????????? ? ? Thanks a lot for ? reading this i hope ? you enjoy this and don't ? forget to leave comments ? down below. I really appreciate it ? ?????????????

Story is told by Sharifah Atiqah

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