There once was a little boy named Jamie. His favourite colour was blue. One day at school, they were learning about the Greek Gods, and started off with Poseidon. Jamie instantly fell in deep obsession with Poseidon, because, well, you can understand. Jamie was so obsessed with Poseidon that he made an imaginary friend named Poseidon. He had it all. An aqua colour running down his body, and the mischief too. Whenever Jamie did something wrong, he always blamed it on Poseidon. He was always like, "Poseidon! Poseidon told me to do it!" Nobody believed him. I wouldn't. At the age of 10, he still blamed all his mistakes on Poseidon. One night, Jamie rubbed his eyes in the dark and looked at the time. 3:46 am. He tried falling back asleep, however, he felt heavy breathing on his ear. With eyes closed shut, he dashed out of his room and upstairs, where he was able to breathe again. He slowly opened his eyes and suddenly, he heard running water from the toilet, but with no light on. He dared not to go in there, and screeched his parents' door open. "Poseidon is in my bedroom," he whispered. "Go back to sleep!" his mother yelled from the bed. "Poseidon isn't real, and he will never be!" With tears slowly forming in his eyes, he strolled out of rhe room, leaving the door open. The bathroom sink was still running, therefore he went to check it out. "I have npthing else to lose," he said to himself, so he opened the bathroom light, and walked inside. The door behind him shut. He saw something reflect in the mirror at the end of the room. What he witnessed next was, indescribable. He was in his parents room, holding Posideon's trident in his hand, stabbing harshfully his parents multiple times yelling, "POSEIDON TOLD ME? POSEIDON TOLD ME!" Pt 2 coming soon :)

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh

Queen Quacker

This is awesome. PART 2!