This happened while i was on vacation with me, my friend asher, and his older cousin tray. Tray had grown a beard so me and asher came up with different nicknames such as fuzzy face, spagghetti chin, etc. At the end of the ceramony we went in the house and played some shuffleboard. Tray sat down on the couch wich me and asher thought made him the perfect target. We went over with all our nicknames. He went to his room so i pranked him by opening another door so when he opened his door it would slam into the other door. It worked. So we hid behind the couch and he found us and chased us up the stairs and then.. we didn't see him thats when the lights turned off and the door slammed shut so fast we could barely see it shut. Then we got a flashlight and investigated through the windows and it shined through. We didn't see him. We got my DAD to help us. WE STILL DIDN'T SEE HIM. We just assumed he was sleeping. That was until we started hearing noises in the bushes when we were looking at the lanterns. Lots of scary things had happened that night so we broke into full horror movie character mode and wind sprinted to the wall and climbed up and ran back to the party. We hadn't heard from him ever since that night.. THE END

Story is told by BigBoiOffical