-Danny! Mae! Don't forget to wear your scarves, or else Jack Frost will find you! -Who's that, mummy? -Is he a mmm-mmonster? -No, parents just make up characters for their kids somtimes. He's not real. I stared at the kids' mother furiously, while sitting on their fence. My hair slowly caught on fire by the rage. That same morning, when the kids were in the park playing, I made sure that I threw multiple shots of snowballs, aiming mostly their whole face. When they came home at about lunch, their mother set them next to the fire and ordered them to never go to the park again. The next day rises. Danny and Mae's father starts to drive them to school, and I set a highway of frost onto the car's wheels, landing it straight into a truck. The father died that day, however the 2 kids made it alive, with minor injuries. Though they were clearly fine the next day, their mum called the school and inisted the kids to stay home forvat least another week. Success! Now I have them isolated from the rest of the world. That same night, I wore my dark blue hoodie and black trousers, covered my hair in snowflakes, and flew to their house. ------------------- I had just put my kids to bed, therefore I lightly tiptoed to my room upstairs to sleep too. As i was stretching the covers to fit my whole body, I heard someone whisper, "Jack Frost. Jack Frost. 10 miles away." It could just be my imagination. I tried to fall back asleep, but heard it again, louder. "Jack Frost. Jack Frost. I'm on your street." I was starting to get worried, so I took a deep breath and went back to sleep. There it was again, five minutes later. "Jack Frost. Jack Frost. I'm in your house." As the voice said that the front door screeched open. Heard it. Again. "Jack Frost. Jack Frost. I'm in your kids room." I didn't know what to do! I was trapped. About a minute later, he reached my room. "Jack Frost. Jack Frost. I'm in your room. Then the door slid open, and it was him. Jack Frost. "Believe me now?" he asked. I shook my head in pure belief. He took sharp knives stuck to eachother carved as snowflakes, and begun tearing through my skin. The last thing I saw was his smirky face, and the last thing l heard were, "Who dosen't exist now?" -------------------- I had done it! Mission accomplished. All de*ad! You thought I didn't exist? Well, you're next on my Death note. Underlined with blood. See you soon!

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh