Mattew's parents would go to the cinema tonight, so Mattew would be all alone in his house. At about 9 p.m., he haerd screaming from their neighbours, therefore he ran to his bedroom window, and stared with cusiosity. There were no shadows, people, but a dog staring back at him, highliting his blue eyes. Eventually, he started to get hungry, so he had to get the new box of cereal which was in their garage. On the way there, just a few steps from the front door, he witnessed the dog, same look and everyrhing. With a shake down his spine, he grabbed the dog from the colar, and dumped him in the trash. With no second thoughts, he rushed to his vedroom and locked the door, only to find the dog behind him. He unlocked the door, and made a run for the toilet at the fastest speed his legs could carry him. Mattew slipped on the 7th stair of the whole lot, and landed straight on his right arm. He then heard a loud CRACK! As if he was twisting his spine, and there was a universe of pain expanding on his arm, however, made it ro the toilet and locked the door. After that, he left all the cries and pain blurt out his mouth and nose. He stood up to face the mirror, hardly able to move his hand, and stood there horrified, unable to make a single sound. His whole vody was twitching like crazy. His parents, chained on the wall of the toilet, with their intestines pouring out. He tried to open the door, but shortly remembered thst he had locked it. He tried finding the key, and shut his eyes whenever he had to face that side of the bathroom. He took a deep breath, and tried to think it all the way through. Ok, so... He was in an action movie, and as we all know bad and sad things happen, but with a little bit of parkour and a little bit of help, there's always a happy ending. He turned around to find towels to help him, but all he saw was that demonic dog. He started to freak out. He opened the bathroom window located just on top of the toilet, and snuck through. He stopped when he was nearly out, peeked one last time in the bathroom, and jumped to the sewage pole. He forgot thst he didn't have a plaster cast on this right hand, so he let it rest, excruciating pain taking over. His left hand wasn't that strong, therefore it couldn't hold his whole body. Mattew's hand slipped from the pole, and he quickly fell to the ground. Moments later, he opened his eyes again, and witnessed a pool of blood all around him, and he couldn't scream in pain. He was paralysed. The last thing he saw was the dog staring at him, coming closer and closer.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh


So scary man... I liked lot... MÄ‘