Sirens are already creepy but, the real ones are creepier. Sirens were said to lure sailors with their beauty. But, they mind controlled them actually. The only survivor retold the story and what happened... "We were got up in a storm, we started hearing voices some started killing them selves some got drunk and the rest of us started hallucinating we saw the pretty half naked women on some rocks so we head towards them we drop anchor and head to the women... Thats when i started hearing growls and screams i closed my eyes and shook my head when i opened my eyes these fat blobs with sharp teeth and their organs hanging out and of then bumps that pops and green stuff comes out of it and we start hallucinating again but i didn't fall for the trick i sobered up just to see em eating my friends and one you dont want to know what it did to the captain so i got out of there they also stink really badly" wrote the survivor in his journal...the survivor was later found dead with live fish and seaweed in his stomach and mouth his eyes were removed and there was signs of struggles written in some blood was "don't trust anything you see out i the open ocean" his tongue was removed and still wiggling on the floor... That was a case in 1769 that from greece actually the survivor was from England... So dont trust any thing out in the open ocean

Story is told by lonewolf

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