"It's the election of 2020 and everyone is excited to see who is gonna be PRESIDENT!" The announcer said to he crowds of people. "Just shoot me in the head already! I couldn't care less about politics or who's going to be president. I just want my money already..." The announcer said in his head but kept his excited composure. Meanwhile in Trump's room... "You. You can DO THIS!" He said in front of his bejeweled vanity. " I kissed a girl and I liked it! The taste of her cherry chapstick..." ????? He went on singing as his personal bodyguard entered to him dancing like a lunatic. Having delt with this before gently removed his head phones and Trump slowly turned around and, with the most disgusted look on his face, screamed, " Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!" And violently grabbed then back muttering, " you can't just take them like that they're MINE....meh... " " Ok ten more minutes till your on stage!" That will get his attention he thought... Trump rushed to his vantity and clapped twice indicating that he wanted more make up. " The more the better! Hehe. Be sure to get plenty of orange orangey orange-ness! The woman lllloooovvveee that! " And after that it was time to go on the stage. After giving the speech about what he plans to do if elected people actually voted for this homo phobic Maniac! And Trump was president yet again. This is where to horor really begins!

Story is told by Smiley corpse


A katie perry eh? Ree xD The real horror is trumps hair. Hes basicly a cheatoe with a toupe Now tell me im wrong No im not liberal xD