Terryfied expressions embraced my face when i met her at the park that night. She grabbed hold of my arm and wouldn't let go. Her hair was tied in a neat bun, with a vail hanging from behind. Blood as dark as oblivion leaked from her eyes, and her lips were a weak blushing red. She was very pale, and you could clearly see the veins flowing around her body. She was wearing a nightgown, and no shoes. 13 years ago, when i was still in middle school, it was hard finding a date for the prom. All the girls were taken, so I tried looking for girls in my local town. I took a picture, photoshopped my pimples out, and straightened my hair. Funnily enough, I found tons of young girls who used this dating app, but my eyes got caught on a specific girl with straight black hair, emerald painted eyes and a slim, flat body. I texted her right away. She responded. We talked for hours, and the next day at school i showed up with no homework! We agreed to meet in the local park next week, and I was really nervous; but excited. I dressed casually, left my hair flying all around and wore my nike kicks. Once i arrived, there was not a soul at the park. Actually, there was not a soul anywhere you layed eyes on. I started to feel uneven, and quickened my pace. I sat firmly on the closest bench to me, and waited. And waited. And waited. It was getting close to midnight, and my parent would probably be worried. As i stood up and started walking to the gates, i heard a rusting in the grass. More like footsteps. I continued strolling, however the footsteps came closer and closer. I was about to reach the gates, when i heard heavy breathing on my ear. Curiosity took the better of me, therefore i turned around. Nothing. Thst was weird. However, once i turned to face the gates, a silouette was standing there, of a girl roughly my age. I fell back to the grass and yelled, "Bl**dy H*ll! What the f*ck are you!?" No response. She just kept getting closer. I scampered back, dragging my body, unable to stand up. "I'm your prom date, remember?" She grabbed my wrist in the speed of light, and dragged me out the park, into the school. She was about to open the doors, but i forcefully bit her arm, and she sent my arm flying. It hurt uncontrollably, and i screamed in pain. I dodged over the bins and ran home. I got in screaming in fear, and all the lights in the house suddenly opened, and my parents came out of their bedroom horrified. My mother fainted, so my dad helped me into the car, and got my mum to wake up again. We rushed to the emergency room, and srarted ro feel light-headed, and i was loosing a lot of blood. They were able to do some type of surgery to my arm to stop the bleeding, however i had to stay countless weeks in the hospital. Due to my condition, the surgeon there got me a free prosthetic arm, which i use until today, just in a bigger size. But sometimes, when I'm eating a snack any time in the day, i can still feel the sour blood of that... you know who, and, well, i feel like the taste has been hauting me ever since.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh