Psycho Assassin: HELP!! She is crazy.... Flame quickly walks out of his room to see a chicken fighting psycho wolf Flame: Jacob you know you could *sees his brother pull out the chickens kidney and them starts eating the rest of the chicken* oh really Jacob.... Want me to call her Psycho wolf quickly looks up and makes the chickens head shake (no) Flame: then you are gonna clean it up Psycho Assassin: (mockingly) ThEn YoU aRe GoNnA ClEAN it up,(unmockingly) shut up... I was just gonna give this to eyeless first... Flame: wait you smell that smells like Jacob: one dead prey item, wait there is blood too we need to get down th- BOOM!!!! Psycho Assassin and Flame get knocked down. Flame breaks his arm and thumb. Jacob breaks his fall. Zalgo walks out of the crackling flames and takes a hold of Flame. But, Zalgo gets punched by the hooded brother. Zalgo drops Flame,the building breaking apart. Zalgo: so you want to go through with this again already ok then *claws at psycho* why wont you stay sti- (coughs up blood) Psycho Assassin: family is more important alright but you aint important you ruined my life (kicks zalgo in the ribs) *half the building collapses showing the out side world soaked in rain* you think you can win but you wont Zalgo backs up to the edge still bleed from a claw mark made by Jacob Zalgo: haha *coughs* maybe but i have *cringes in pain* smarts Zalgo takes one last swipe clawing Jacob's eye Psycho Assassin: you cut my eye i cant see out of it,where did you go Zalgo punches psycho but Jacob kicks Zalgo off the edge but bring psycho with. Flame: NNNOOO!!!! Flame looks over the edge to see Zalgo and Jacob on the ground not moving... -TO BE CONTINUED-

Story is told by lonewolf

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