Roses Part 4: Edward Finds Out Who Is The Murderer (Finale) Edward and Gabriel saw the jail cells....they were both surprised.....they have never saw anything like that before. And they both felt watched...Gabriel said: Gabriel: Do you know what this is...? Edward: Oh my god this place used to be an asylum! Gabriel was silent and edward told him: Edward: Find the white rose. I'll look for the black rose..... Gabriel: Ok.... So they went to go look for the white and black rose but then.... Edward and instead found a picture of his wife and his 2 kids... But then Gabriel instead finds a poisoned bottle....then he finds the white rose with a card. Gabriel runs to edward and answers: Gabriel: Edward I found a white rose with a card here you go! Gabriel passes over the white rose and the card to edward. Edward finds a beautiful necklace from his wife. Edward reads the card it said: ?ℯ?? ℰ?????, ℳ? ℊ???ℯ ?? ?? ??ℯ ???? ???ℯ?ℯ?? ??? ?ℴ ???? ?? ?? ℴ?ℯ ℴ? ??ℯ ???? ?ℯ???. ?????. Edward was silent and tells Gabriel: Edward: Gabriel we have to find Quinn's grave now! Gabriel: Ok.... Edward goes to the left and then finds Quinn's grave at the last jail cell. Edward: Gabriel I found Quinn's grave! Gabriel ok I'm heading over there! Gabriel finds edward and Gabriel was silent... Edward find the last rose. It was a black rose with a black card. Edward picks it up and it said: ?ℯ?? ℰ?????, ?????ℯ? ??? ??ℯ ℴ?ℯ ??ℴ ????ℯ? ?ℯ. ????? Edward stood there silent and drops the black rose he takes the roses and cards from his coat and drops them to the ground. And edward gets the knife from his pocket. (I'ma add a good ending and the bad ending you may look at both endings) (Bad Ending) Edward walks up to Gabriel and Gabriel said in a nervous voice: Gabriel: Edward what are you doing...? Edward: YOU KILLED MY WIFE QUINN! Edward stabs Gabriel painfully on him. Gabriel Yells help but it was too late Gabriel was killed. Edward said: Edward: He got what he deserved. Then Quinn appeared. And said to edward. Quinn: Edward you did you kill him he didn't do it...I committed suicide. Then edward answered Edward: What have I done....? Quinn: For punishment you will be stuck here forever. And your soul will be mine when you die. Edward: NOOOOO! Edward spends in a jail cell harming himself and spends there eternity. The End (Good Ending) Edward walks infront of Gabriel. Gabriel:Edward what are you doing? Edward: I'm sorry... Gabriel gets stabbed at the heart then dies slowly. Edward cries a year and Quinn appears as a ghost. Quinn: I'm sorry you had to kill him but it was the right thing to do. Edward: I know Quinn: You are free to go... Edward: Ok.... Quinn: Wait! Edward stood walking and turns his back to Quinn. Edward: Yes Quinn: Before you go take this... Edward takes the roses. Edward: I won't forget you Quinn. Quinn: So won't I. Edward leaves with a goodbye kiss to Quinn and leaves to go to the car and he drives back home with the roses. That day Edward never forgot that day that it was the last time he saw his wife Quinn. The End. Hoped you enjoyed this story!

Story is told by Ava loves stories

Ava loves stories

Hmm I wonder what would people would thinks bought this story because this sorry took me about a few hours to think this through


Me enjoyed a lot....