Roses Part 3: Edward finds The Secrets Edward doesn't know why he was walking but then he changed mind to go back to the first floor. So he heads to the first the floor to see if the doors if the mansion is locked. When he went to check the doors were locked. The doors were locked. Edward answered: Edward: Dang it I'm locked in this place. Edward walks into the the living room in anger but slowly calms down. But he found another note with no blood 1993 ???ℯ????ℯ? ???, ℐ ?ℴ?ℯ ???? ????? ?ℴ ??? ?? ??? ℊℴ??ℊ ℊℴℴ? ??ℯ ????ℯ ??? ??ℯ ?ℯ??. ???ℯ? ??ℯ ????ℯ ℐ ?ℯℯ? ? ?????ℯ ????. ℬ?? ℐ ??? ?ℴ???ℯ ? ?ℯ??ℴ? ???ℯ? ???? ? ? ??? ?ℴ??ℴ?ℯ? ?ℯ ℐ ?????... ????? Edward didn't want to end like this so he went to the dance room. But then he finds a person. Edward felt uneasy like this place is madness. But then he had a flashback of the Valentine's party, he saw his wife die in the house in sadness. Then he saw a poison. And saw the plates and the tables from the Valentine's party was still there. But he saw a Green rose. Edward opens the card and the reads to what it said: ?ℯ?? ℰ?????, ?ℴ? ???ℯ ?ℴ ?ℴ?ℯ ℴ? ??? ?ℯ?ℯ ?? ? ?ℯ? ?ℯ??ℯ?? ????? ????? He knew that the only suspects where Gabriel or Gabriella. Because he knows that they are twins. Then he finds Gabriel and Gabriel had ripped clothes. Gabriel answered: Gabriel:I'm glad your here to save me! Edward makes a serious face and answers. Edward: Ok ok.. Edward answered in a serious mad voice. Gabriel asks a question. Gabriel: Edward! What happened to you, you look tired and stressed! Gabriel pulls edwards sleeves and finds scars. Gabriel: Edward why did you harm yourself?! Edward:..... Edward answered Edward: Gabriel how about we look for cards that have a rose in there. Ok...? Gabriel: O-ok! Gabriel and edward find the pink, red, orange, and purple. All the cards said the same thing it said: ?ℴ?? ???ℯ ??....?ℯℯ? ℊℴ??ℊ ℯ?????.... ????? And then they went to the basement and find jail cells...Edward and Gabriel was surprised.... To Be Continued....

Story is told by Ava loves stories


I was just waiting for this ~♥~~♥~~♥~

Ava loves stories

I'm very excited to make part 4! But don't forget part 4 is the finale!