Roses Part 2: Edward Loses his Sanity Edward goes a little insane and ends up losing his sanity that quick. He says: Edward: How many times can I smile when I'm crying in the inside? He smiles then he passes out. 8:00 P.M.: Then he awoke in a guests room. The room was dusty and it seems the wallpaper has been decaying for over a few years. Then he finds in the floor a necklace. He started to remember that necklace it was familiar....wait it is Quinn's necklace. But what he saw was a knife in gabriel's knife, edward carries the knife just in case for safety. Then Edward lights his lantern on with lighter because there is a candle inside. Edward went to the other guest rooms, then he found prescription bottles, the other was for phychosis and the other was for schizophrenia. He was surprised. That wasn't surprising. Clara and Gabriel has taken those prescriptions, that's normal. He did fear of his friend found dead and was accused for the death if his friend. But then he find a family portrait. Edward says: Edward: At least my kids weren't murdered. Edward finds a yellow rose and a card, edward opened it if he was a worried man. The note said: ?ℯ?? ℰ?????, ℐ ?ℴ?ℯ? ?ℴ? ?? ?? ??ℯ??ℴ?? ???ℯ ??? ?ℴ? ℐ? ?ℴ? ?ℴ ???ℯ. ?? ?ℯ??? ℴ?? ???? ???ℯ ??????ℯ?. ℬ?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ??ℴ ????ℯ? ?ℯ ?ℯ????ℯ ??ℯ ?ℴ???ℯ ????? ???? ℯ?ℴ?ℊ? ℯ???ℯ??ℯ ?? ???? ????ℯ. ℬ?? ℐ?? ?ℯ?? ?ℴ? ????ℯ ?ℴ? ?ℯℯ? ?????ℯ? ???ℯ. ℋℯ?ℯ ?? ??ℯ ????? ?ℯ??ℯ? ℴ? ??ℯ ????ℯ?ℯ?? ???ℯ. ? ????? Then edward was shocked, and that's why the murderer had gotten away. Then edwards shocked face turned into a serious look. He wasn't gonna give up now. Edward checks the time 12:00 P.M. he wasn't surprised he tried to find water but the house wasn't like this before. Edward goes to another guest room, he finds Gabriel suitcase, and he finds a knife. But then Edward notice that were only 4 people that have the letter G in a murderers name. So He knew that Gabriel and his female twin, Gilly, and Gloria are the suspects. He felt angry at the murderer. He was going to kill the murderer, even if it was his friend he doesn't care. He wants revenge who killed his wife. So he continues to look and finds nothing but dust, decaying wallpapers, and rusty items. To Be Continued..... Don't worry I'll post part 3 as fast as I can. But if I can't stay patient please.

Story is told by Ava loves stories


Very curious to know what happens next ..☺