Roses Part 1:Edwards Insanity Edward was a good man until his wife Quinn has been killed due to poison. In the Rosen's Mansion it was left abandoned ever since the death of edwards wife. Edward had a friend that a friend that went inside that mansion and was never heard from anyone. So edward decided to see what's going on inside that mansion, edwards checks the time he answered Edward: Well it's 5:34 p.m. I have to head over there to see what's going on. Edward parks the car and saw the mansion. He feared one thing about this mansion. He feared that his friend wasn't alive but dead. Edward walks to the side walk, he saw the mansion was rusty and was in need of repair. Then Edward opened the door and had an uneasy feeling about the place he closed the door to the mansion and he saw rusty things covered in dust. Then he saw a card. He answered: Edward: Huh a looks new and a rose I guess I'll open this card. This card smells like roses. Edward opens the card and he reads the note it said: ?ℯ?? ℰ?????, ???? ????? ?? ?ℴ? ???? ?ℴ? ????? ?? ??, ??? ??? ???? ??ℯ ?ℴ??? ℯ?ℯ? ????ℯ ?? ?ℯ???, ??? ?ℯ?ℯ? ?ℴ?ℯ ℴ?? ?ℴ?? ???ℯ ????? Edward was shocked. He was thinking that Quinn was alive but the question that was is in his head was...this place is not what you think it is.... but he realized that he wasn't alone....he felt a cold spot he said in fear: Edward: W-who is there?! Then he looked down in the ground. He found a note it said: ?ℴ??ℯ?? ??? ??ℯ ????? ???? ?ℴ?ℴ?ℯ? ?ℴ?ℯ?. Then Edward put the card with the blue rose in his pocket. And he walked into the hallways. Edward found a clue he found Quinn's marriage ring. But what edward didn't know was that the ring said something that makes edward have uneasy feeling. Edward saw blood and the ring said: ℐ??????? But Edward knew he had been in his home like if he was stuck there like has been forever and in his house was Insanity... Edward: What the heck I knew I had Insanity in my during my depression. Edward walks into a room. He found a paper and it had blood in it. It said: ??????, 14 1993 ?ℴ??? ?? ???ℯ????ℯ? ???, ??ℯ ??? ℐ ?????ℯ? ?? ???????. ?ℴ??? ?? ℴ?? 5 ?ℯ?? ?????ℯ?????! ????? Edward started crying quietly when he read the note. That day was the day that Quinn had passed but then Edward wished he was the one that protected Quinn. Then Edward cried over his Insanity. Then Edward started getting a little insane. To Be Continued.... Hello guys Im new here I'm an animator and I love making stories and I have school to do. And to make sure that you know I can't do multiple things at the same time.

Story is told by Ava loves stories

Ava loves stories

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Hey it was a very beautiful story... I like ur creativity... Keep it up!

Ava loves stories

And that other account Ava loves stories was my sister's account. She quitted and she let keep this phone but I don't know if I can change which story it was written from.

Ava loves stories

Hope y'all enjoyed part 1!