As a kid I believed in hauntings and ghosts and stuff like that, but getting older I grew out of it. I'd bought myself my first customizable doll a few months before the trouble started, and dug through a closet at my grandmother's for anything I could use, finding in it an old black dress. It was in prime condition but I knew it would never be worn again once my grandmother told me it had been my great grandmother's. I quickly made a blanket and pillowcase for my doll's bed before posing her in it and snapping a few pics for my insta. I hated that my hands were so shaky and ended up blurring her face in a few pictures. I deleted them and got much better ones right away. As the days progressed I noticed more and more that things were oddly coming up missing or she wasn't how I left her. I was so angry that my little sister was messing with my stuff again while I was in class, So I went to confront her. "Where's Meg?" My mom didn't even glance over."Angel's house." "Would you please tell her to leave my doll alone?"I sighed and sat down at the counter."She's not a toy." My mom looked over at me with a weird look."She's been at Angel's all week." I felt a little off the rest of the day, finally getting my mind off it with my favorite game. Come bedtime I'd forgotten about the weird doll stuff and I tucked myself into bed. As the hours ticked by I woke to the sound of Gaz, my yorkie, scratching at the door. I groaned and turned over."No Gaz! It's like 2 am!" I heard it again and sat up to yell at her, watching my doll fall to the floor. Gaz wasn't in my room. I threw my sheet over the doll and tied it tight, shoving it in a drawer for the night. I didn't sleep and when dawn came I went for a run to clear my head. It had been a nightmare and I'd knocked the doll off my stand, I knew that much, but I still couldn't shake the shiver in my spine. All through my classes and lunch I was distracted by the doll. After classes I headed for the library, but a ding caught my attention. The text from my mother made my blood run cold. Jaque how many times do I have to tell you to keep your stuff in your room? I can't accommodate a doll on my counter! I text back as fast as I could; I didn't put it there! Throw it away! Her answer made me run home; Nonesense, you worked hard to buy her, I'll put her in your room I slammed open the door and ran into the kitchen."Mom!" Pulling cookies from the oven she looked back at me with concern."What is it?" I looked around but nothing was out of the ordinary and I sighed in relief."Nothing. Sorry I thought I forgot something important." "That's okay Pumpkinbuns, now shoes off and go wash up."She smiled and sat a couple cookies on a saucer. I smiles and turned to leave but froze. Only my grandmother had called me Pumpkinbuns. I looked back to see the blanket I'd made my doll tied around my mother's wrist. She gave me a wicked smile and my blood ran cold.

Story is told by BrideofSithis

Queen Quacker

This is amazing. Keep it up!