(Note from lone wolf hey be nice and this might not be finished but it is my best so and it is about how i feel half the time and i wont write as cause of school so yeah plz enjoy and leave me know if i should make more and plz plz tell me if you liked it or if you want to talk either way doesnt matter to me as long as i get something so yeah....here is the song now...) Song lyrics: From the marsh land, Stands alone a weeping willow tree, I'm a mess, I'm stressed, In distress, The pain of being alone worries me, Let your emotions bleed through they say, Well get out of my way, Leave me be, The only people i have is me,my self,and I, Hell the weeping willow tree is happier then me, The tree has animal friends, I have none, Now i am lost in my mind, One two three i am done, I sit on the ground crying to myself, Now i am standing in a bathroom "letting my emotions bleed through", White walls now red, I dont want to be dead,

Story is told by lonewolf

Hunter Angel SPN

Ahhh!!!!! How in heck do you write so freaking well!!!!!! Hgkfjfjdjfhdjdjfjfjckdsjfkbpblbofwsdkblvfofov


So i may not be able to make alot of these because of school but there will be more


Hey.... I need mmoreeeeeee


Hope you enjoyed tell me if i should make more idk want to be friends...