Roses are red, Violets are blue, How I adore, Being with you. I'll watch every action, Each breath and each word, I'll learn every dream, And the secrets I yearn. A smile like stars, And with eyes the color jade, I vow that when you sad, I will come to your aid. I watch you always, Even when you sleep, Despite how it makes me, Seem like a creep. Now we're alone, But you are unaware, Now I will have you, My feelings I will share. You don't feel the same way? Oh, what a shame. I didn't want to, my dear, But it's time to play a game. Come with me, my dear, The knife blade gleams. Come with me, darling. WHERE NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM. Hey guys, sorry this was short, it's just extremely hard to write stories with only a tiny bit of anything going through my brain. I hope you guys understand.

Story is told by Queen Quacker

Queen Quacker

Thank you, gayandy. I listen to your podcasts.


i have chosen this poem for an episode iny podcast. Ialways give credit to the authors. My podcast is Plushie Voice

Queen Quacker

>.< Thank youuu!


Wow..... I'm really spechless..... This was too good.

Holy BLEEP DiS iS oNe Of YoUr BeSt

Queen Quacker

Thanks so much Ice queen :D


Sweetie this is amazing I love it?✨?

Queen Quacker

Thank u guys, and Killerkd, WhAt's thE wifi pAsswOrd???




It was very beautiful ♥