When we lived in Ohio it was a big farm. Like a full farm, ya know? Barn, fence, fields, and woods. I loved living there, not because the barn or the fence or the fields, but because the woods. When we first arrived I was afraid of them, but my brothers led me in there one day and left me. I was scared and alone until the moon was high. Then I heard rustling in the brush. I started to cry when I saw the tall, gangly thing that walked on all fours. It looked like a man, but was balding and had scabby skin and a pot belly. I could see every rib it had and I pressed against the tree in hopes it wouldn't see me. Squeezing my eyes shut and covering my mouth, but I felt it's hot, sticky breath on me in seconds. It backed away and I waited until my body could move again to open my eyes. It stared at me with dark, sunken eyes. I knew what it was, I'd heard stories living in West Virginia. The Wendigo. A man-eater. I didn't know why it wasn't crunching through my bones, but it wasn't. We just sat there a little while before I asked "can you understand me?" It cocked it's head and nodded. I didn't know if it was a man or woman, but I was sure it had been a child. It was so small. Smaller than me."Can you get me out of here?" It nodded again and stood back up, making it a little taller than me and I stood too. It led me back past a creek I remember my brothers showing me and soon I could see my house. I ran to my porch and threw open the door, crying and shouting for my mom. She scolded me then for getting lost and not sticking with my brothers and I felt my anger boiling in my belly. I hated them for saying I ran off and got lost and they looked for me until it got too dark. I lay in bed that night unable to sleep. It only took a short while before I knew what I had to do. I got out of bed and grabbed my box of rocks, getting out my fool's gold. I crept to my oldest brother's room and shook him."Darren. Hey wake up." "What do you want pest?"He groaned and opened one eye. I held up the little nugget and and he woke up."Where did you get that?" "I found it in the woods when I was lost, it's pretty, is it real?"I gave my most innocent look and he sat up, yawning and taking it from me."Do you think Mom will like it?" He smacked the side of my head and I whined."Don't be stupid, it can't be real and if you show mom she'll just say so too. Where did you find it?" "I can show you."I grinned."Tomorrow." The next morning Darren woke me up early and drug me to the woods. He took me back to where he left me last night and I walked to the little clearing. I pointed to the tree the Wendigo had found me at."By the roots in a hole." It took only minutes for the creature to kill and devour my brother. I couldn't watch the whole thing, but some part of me felt relief and satisfaction that he wouldn't pick on me anymore. I ran home to tell my parents and that night the wendigo took my other brother. Mom spiraled into depression when the police discovered the bodies and father hasn't talked much since. The police ruled it had been a wild animal. We moved a month later. I don't know if anyone else will move there, but I hope they're careful in the woods.

Story is told by BrideofSithis




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