There's a story I must tell About the thing inside the hill. It gobbles up both man and not And takes them to it's gut to rot. Never will I tell you to Summon monsters Ghosts And ghouls, But should you need his help tonight, I'll tell you how, The proper Rite; In a circle of old bones, On a new moon night, Draw a triangle With three sides straight Housing that which will be Bait. Be it snack, Person, Or animal, Hungry Hank will come. But a drop of blood from your finger, Or you'll end up as one. Now recite these words just once, Followed by name thrice, Then the air will become ice And summoning is done. Teeth as sharp as razorblades Eyes are red as blood, Fingernails gnarled with age The empty bellied one. Seek out our enemy tonight And dine upon the sacrifice. Hungry Hank Hungry Hank Hungry Hank

Story is told by BrideofSithis


WOW loved it!!

Grim reaper

Amazingly scary

Queen Quacker

Beautifully terrifying! :D