My husband and I went back to the colorado mountains we honeymooned in 30 years ago. On a whim we purchased a get away condo and were over the moon with excitement. Right away we went there for a weekend of getting back to nature and "recharging our batteries" with it being a new place I had some trouble falling asleep so I went to the living room to watch some tv. Very soon I heard some unfamiliar noise outside the window. I immediately turned off the tv and walked over to the window to investigate. My blood chilled. An indescribable horror and terror engulfed my whole being. The street light on the corner of our property as well as some moonlight helped me see this "thing" I don't know how else to describe it. It was in a squatting position at first facing my window but thankfully unaware of me. It was very thin with pale gray skin with chunks of that skin hanging and close to coming off its body. It decided to stand up and was at least 7 or 8 feet tall. Its arms dangled past its knees and on the end of its hands hung big black claws. It seemed as something was dripping from them. Its face was the worst of all and it took everything in me not to scream. It was pale as the rest of its body with a huge protruding mouth. In that mouth were even bigger sharp teeth- they appeared too big for its mouth. They also appeared to have some liquid dropping off of them. The eyes haunt me every day. They were big black holes with no evidence of a soul behind them I knew I needed to get away from that window but all I could do was stare at this monster. Where could such a thing have come from? Why did it have to live in the beautiful mountains I love? In the blink of an eye my safe serenity place became a horrific hell. The inevitable happened- it saw me looking at it and met my gaze. After a few seconds I snapped out of it and ran to all doors and windows to make sure they were locked. I then wondered if it mattered. Could this creature get in if it really wanted to? Frantically I woke up my husband to tell him everything. He could see my panic but when we went back to the window the monster was gone. He wanted to believe me but it was hard and to read all of this back I can see why. It sounds crazy but I know what I saw. I know what I locked eyes with and it wasnt my imagination. Do I sleep at night now? Hardly and I dont feel safe anywhere. What if this creature followed me back toy other home? And a million other what ifs that have robbed me of feeling safe at all. What did I see? I hope I dont see it again but the wonderful mountains that I loved are now my biggest nightmare. Please be careful if you go to the mountains near granby, Colorado!

Story is told by denver1105