I had to stop her. I saw it when she cut herself making dinner. We've only been married a few months, but how could I have never realized?! Green. It was green! Who has green blood?! Aliens! Aliens do and I wont let them spy on us! I loved her, I still love her, but she betrayed me- betrayed Earth! I couldnt let her get away with it! The late phone calls, the meetings- I get it now. She was signaling THEM!! I brought the knife down again to cut out another chunk. I'm covered in green. Her blood. I couldnt let her keep going. Keep making calls and planning the invasion. I bet they used our satalites against us. Her voice still echoes in my head but I turn up the radio and drown out her last words. "Tyler stop it's just part of your colorblindness!"

Story is told by BrideofSithis


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