There was a girl that was named Bella just like you going to a new school from on the way home she found a coin box. I- What's wrong Bella? Nothing I've gotta go! My feet started running to get the box and go outside. I look around the street corners than as I was crossing a car flew by me. As I fell down on the ground by tripping on a rock the box flong open. I grab the box and close it shut to keep running. Finally the place I got it from. I throwed the box at the tree causing it to break apart, running back to home worried. When I reached home the box was on the table completely un-harmed, Bella are you okay you literally ran off not telling me what just happened! Tell me your okay please! I'm fine mom, in going to sleep now. But you should have something to eat or at least take a shower. Mom stop worrying about me. Your right..your going to be an adult soon anyways. Thank you. Laying my head down into the pillow I move my eyes to table stand where I found the box once again. I wonder how it got there... I'll go to sleep now.. To be continued ☕☕☕

Story is told by Egyptgachacat_isback