I was laying down on my bed and across from my bed there is a old table and on top the table there is a very old antique doll she had blue eyes,a white dress with pearls,and blond hair.It was a gift from my grate grandmother before she passed away.I accepted and didn't think much of it until that night.I woke up to get a glass of water and I heard the TV come on i tough it was my little sister since she would always get up in the middle of the night to watch tv. When I checked my sister wasn't there so I went up stairs into her bedroom she was sound asleep in went back down stairs and the tv was off I got chills and once I got back up stairs into my bedroom the doll that was on my table wasn't there eny more so I got really freaked out and scared. I decided to go back downstairs and I went into the living room the doll was sitting on three couch with the remote in her hand. So this story is not real I just got the idea and..........there you go

Story is told by Creepygirl