Greetings, ##Username##. Have you ever believed that spirits and demons actually exist? All of these possibilities, but it all comes to the question. Do you believe? Have you ever been home alone, and hear a tapping on the window or ghost footsteps in the hall? You could brush it off as your imagination, or you could succumb to fear. Do you believe? In otherwordly happenings. In demons, in spirits, in the afterlife? Weird things happen all the time that cannot be brushed off as your imagination or 'the wind'. So with all that I've said, do you believe? You probably think this seems farfetched. You shut off your device and head off to do something else. The sound of a window opening is heard, but you think it is just your frightened brain fresh off a horror story. Footsteps echo through the hall, and you decide to calm your heartbeat. Do I have your attention now? Good. I suggest you don't look behind you. Before you give in to curiousity and do look behind you, I have one final question. Do you believe?

Story is told by Queen Quacker


I do believe in the afterlife. Anyways, this was good!

Queen Quacker

=D ♥


Holy hell this gave me chills✨?

Queen Quacker

Thx UvU


No problem.. It was gooooddd ( ̄3 ̄)

Queen Quacker

Hey guys. Sorry this is short, I didn't have many ideas. I hope you enjoy.