The sounds of chirping birds from the branch tree across the distance that i can heard clearly with my ears as calming my thoughts while standing at bridge near a lake. I took a breath and exhale it while allowing my emotions took over me. The haunting images while sending shivers came across my memory as i close my eyes. The flash of memories with my fiančee Vince when he held me from the back that i can till can felt his warmth around me. My tears starts to dripping because of the fact that he had passed away because of an incident. He was the savior of my life and also my guardian when he was still alive. The incident took place a week ago while we took a trip together at the Finland. It was winter that time, he rent a nearest cabin by the lake so we could enjoyed the wonderful view from the inside. It was his wish afterall that he wanted to spent his time along with his dream women which is me. He was so thrilled about the 5 days trip that he told me he wanted to do activites according to his wishlist that he wrote down before we arrived at the cabin. We really had a great time doing fun activites together. Then i still can recall that he gave me a gift which is a stunning neckless with red ruby on it which is costly for me. He told me that the cost of the neckless dosen't matter to him compared to my precious heart that he had gained from 5 years ago. He was so charming and daring as he held me with his arms wrap around me. We really had a deep level of connection as we are meant for each other. I still can recall the moment of our fist met, he was a really shy person at that time. He was the kind of man that always protective over his women and a really wonderful wise man that helped me in many way. We had been together for 5 years and we just got engaged a week earlier that time. I felt i am the luckiest women to had such a wiseman like him in my life. It was the day, on the day 4 where it all started. Before we went hiking we brought our backpack and survival tools to avoid any challanges along our short journey. That time we went hiking together somewhere around the woods so that we could travel more and admiring the nature together as we took a recording of it. He took place infront of me while he guided me with our hands held together. As we arrived at the top hills, i can saw our cabins far from distance as i took picture of it. Then we went took a break before continued our journey. As the day almost dark, we knew it was our time to went back to our cabin. As we just finished packed our things, we heard a noise beyond the woods as a sign that its not just both of us who were there at that time. Vince said that he had unsettling feelings about the situation and i convinced by told him that it could be a wolf that went across somwhere in the woods. He then took his rifle out and wore it just for defense. We then went for downhills with careful as the day went dark. We held our torch lights as we took step down the hills with backpack on us. Several moments later when we are about to arrive at our cabin, we heard a bloody scream from distance. Me and Vince began to stare at each other as a sign that we might encounter an unknown situation that could be risky. Then the screaming began to be heard as asking for help. Our hearts began to beating fast and we decided to search up for it. We had no any other choice but to walk into the woods together. Vince started to held his rifle and point it forward while i grab his shoulder from behind. I am so anxious because we don't know what we would encounter. As we rushed to the place, we stopped at halfway as we saw a trail of blood. The screaming began to fade away as we started to panic of the encounter that we went in. Then we began to follow the lead the trail of blood and as we arrived the next thing we saw was a women with her arm got stuck on a bear trap on the snow ground. The women cried in pain as her eyes staring at us. Vince then immediately went to the women and helped her while i attempt to calmed down the women. While we helped the women got her arm out from the bear trap, she kept warned us to be cautious. She said that be cautious of an lutanic guy who chased her down. We are startled as we asked either he recognize the man who chased her and she explained that it was actually his ex who is a psychopath that went to rage when she demand to broke up their relationship. She then explained as the women got scared, she ran for her life away from his psychopath ex that is not too far from where our cabin is and she accidently falls to his bear trap. As Vince had took away the bear trap from the women whom still cried in pain, i calmed her down while i called an ambulance through a walkie talkie that was on my backpack. There's no sign or any respons from the walkie talkie because we went deep into the woods. As for Vince, he carried the women into his arms while i took over his rifle on my arms. As we walked safely to our cabin with the women, Vince lay down the women on a coach. I can saw that she had lost so much blood because of the injured so i took a towel and tied it around her arm so it would stop bleeding. My adreline began to rised as i was still startled of what me and Vince had to encounter. Vince started to make a contact with the police through the walkie talkie. We are lucky that our cabin is not too far from the police station. All of sudden, we heard a heavy knocked on the door. I can tell its the man who chased down the girl. The man began to scream the women name and asking us to gave her back. Vince brave himself as he attempt to interrogate the man. I thought the psychopath man would leave us alone as we tried to warned him about the police but i was wrong. The psychopath man keep bang the door with hard as he attempt to crushed down the wooden door. Me and the women started to screamed while Vince took the rifle and aim it to the door. He told us to hide and wait until the police arrive. There is no any other choice but we knew we had to listened to him. I was so worried for Vince as he is the one who need to confront with the psychopath. Me and the women started to rush to the upstair and hide under the bed. I only can kept praying for our lives to be saved and hoped for the police to arrive. I can heard the door get crushed down as i heard a heavy footsteps walked around the cabin. Me and the women closed our mouth with hands as we wanna keep silent. I can heard a fights along with shouts at downstairs. It went on for several minutes and not long after i heard a shot. I could only gasp and tears began to fall. I keep helding the neckless that Vince me and praying that he will survived. Then several moments later, the heavy footsteps started to walk through as he about to entered the room where we hide. Our hearts keep racing and keep struggling as we not tried to let out a single scream. From our hiding place which is under the bed, i can saw the psychopath man helding a dagger that seem to be a really sharped one. The psychopath man started to talked that he knew where we were hiding at the moment. The women started to breath heavily and as for me i took out a small knife that i kept from pocket with slowly. The psycopath wander off around the room where we hide and then not long after he went outside the room. We both then take a sigh as a relieved and we thought he will checked on the other rooms. As we are about to get out from our hiding spot, then suddenly the psychopath man ran with rushed into our room. With all of his strength, he flipped the bed with us under of it. The psychopath man then laugh with lunatic along a satisfied as he stare to both us. We startled and screamed as we crawled back slowly. He then started to grab the women arm where the injured part is. She then scream in pained and as he about to took her away i started to ran towards him and stabbed on his neck. At the same time, I saw mark on his body that seems to be a splash of blood. The psychopath man started to growl as his rage began to flamed, as he turned around and punched me on my stomach and on my face. My mouth started to bleed because of his heavy punched. As i lying on the ground, he takes out his dagger and told me that its gonna be my last day along the other person. At that time,i couldn't make out what he told me about the other person. Maybe it was my last day with the other women and Vince could be still unconcious after he fought with this psychoptah man. My body couldn't moved because of the pain even i tried as i hard as i can and i could only glare at the psychopath eyes. As the psychopath about to stab his dragger on me after he pushed away the injured women, out of nowhere a flash of figured ran towards the psychopath man. While the figured ran towards the psychopath man, it screamed "No!" and I couldn't see clearly what's the figured looks like. I only can see a blur white figured that seemed to be a white lights. As the figured ran towards the psychopath, it held the man together and throw itself along with the psychopath outside the window which caused the glass to shattered. Me and that women haven't got any chanced to do any action towards the psychopath man that time. We started to questioning what just had happened infront of us and does the figured just saved both of us? We then rushed to peek outside the window and we could only stare at a lying body on the ground with blood surrounded it. The psychopath man seems to died because of fall from the heights. Not long after, we heard siren from the distanced. I shouted Vince name and told the police is about to arrived. As i rushed downstairs, i could saw a few broken glass and things lying everywhere on the grounds. I couldn't saw him at the living room and then i went to searching at the kitchen. The next thing i found out was my fiančee Vince was lying on the floor. As i went closer at his body, i kneel my legs infront of his body as it got weaken. I can saw that he got shot at his chest with a few wounds on his bodies. I can't believed of what i had to witness infront of me and i started to weeping as hard as i could. At the same time, a police barge into the cabin with their guns aiming at me as soon as they saw me. Then i had to explained the scenario that i witness from the very beginning to them to avoid any misunderstanding. The police began to take statement and perform their investigation as for me i was covered in a blanket that been given by them while i held a coffee they gave me. Before they took Vince away, i came towards his body and kissed at his forehead and thanked him for the last time for saved our life. Without him, we couldn't survived and alive if it wasn't for him. I haven't got the chance to took out his ring from him as the EMS told me to not get too closed at a corpse that potentialy can caused me sick. I had no any other choice but to roll my eyes and walked away and at the same time the paramedic took the injured women into their van then they drive away. As for me i went with the police to give statement at their station. While we are on our way to the station, i coudn't process anything and could only think about Vince. As for the white figured, i could only think of one thing..which is a guardian. That guarding could be him who saved our lives. After week had passed, i tried to get back to my normal life with slowly. Meanwhile i decided to wrote this story down where i could expressed my feelings and situation of what i went through and i'll published it soon. Back to the sence where after i recall things that had happened,i open my eyes. The sounds of chirping birds had began to fade as i walke away from the bridge. As i walk,i take and hold the neckless on me as he will still continue to live forever in my heart as long as i'm alive. The day almost dark and know i had to go back home while there is only still few people left at the surrounding area. As i walk alone heading back to my home that are not too far, all of sudden from distance i can see a white figure standing by a small lake. As i try to walk closer towards the white figure, i stop as a car passing by. After the car has went away, the white figure has vanish from distance. As i arrive at the spot where the white figure standing, i saw a small circle. As i pick it up, it was a ring.. its a Vince ring! Immediatly i know it was Vince the one who saved our lives that time. I let out a smile and hold Vice ring in my arms. Some things are meant to be unexpected and furious. I know that time i haven't got the chance to took his ring and i thanked him as my guardian. It was the last time that i saw his figure by the lake. I know i had to be a strong one for him and enjoy this life to the fullest as we never know what will our destiny be. As someone say: "You show the lights that stop me turn to stone You shine them when I'm alone And so I tell myself that I'll be strong And dreaming when they're gone" : Lights-Ellie Goulding ????????????? ? ? Thanks a lot for ? reading this i hope ? you enjoy this and don't ? forget to leave comments ? down below. I really appreciate it ? ?????????????

Story is told by Sharifah Atiqah

Sharifah Atiqah

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