I swear I could see it, the bright red eyes staring into my soul. "Mom..." I shivered, calling out for her shakily. "Mom!" I finally gained to courage to shout loudly. She rushed in, immeadiately opening the lights, and you can literally see that thing moving closer, with it's bone cracking on every step. Yes, mom saw it too. It almost reached mom, when realization hit me like a hard brick. "Close the lights, close the lights!" I shouted, and out of insticts, she did. It stopped, but it's eyes wont stop glaring at her. She closed the door, eliminating the lights peeking inside the room and moved to my bed. "Maybe it'll be gone in the morning?" Mom's eyes grew big, "There'll be more lights in the morning." "J-just call the police.." I said, and she took my phone, but hesitated. "Take the box, we need to make sure that the lights won't reach him." So we did. We told the cops that there is an intruder, just so they would come without any questions. We hanged up quickly, with the excuse that my battery is dying. We closed the windows with the thickest curtain, and slowly leaves the room, running out of the house. We stared at my window, and although it is covered, the creature's eyes still shines through. A few minutes later, the police arrived. We told them the truth, and that they should go to my room. So they did, and they never came back. We never set foot inside the house again, and moved to a safer one. Here's my last advice, if you see an unidentified creature with bright red eyes and hairy body, dont turn on the lights. Note; I know these stuffs can be annoying, but just wanted to let you know that this is going to be my last story updated here for weeks, or perhaps months. Im going back to school haha. Still, love you guys, and thank you for supporting (lets be honest, the fact that someone's reading this is good enough) Love you all ♡

Story is told by Hxni2344

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Good luck with school, boi. Also, great story ♥O♥


Oh my God... So scary


I better be careful from now on.... It's okay if you don't upload often. You have a life of your your own too. And lastly, best of luck with school!