We were in the car traveling down south when I kept seeing flashes of a white man, very tall, he had no face. They were only for about five seconds. I didn't tell anyone about it. I was worried they wouldn't believe me. I wasn't sure myself that it was real. Anyway, the flashes of this Pale white man got shorter, then longer. When we arrived, I looked back. He was there, facing his back to me. He was wearing a black suit. Then I cliked, It was slender man. I ran away before we could make eye contact. I slowly started to feel weaker, then I was on the ground, crawling franticly, I felt like I hade no energy, I was trying to scream, but nothing came out. Then a car drove past, where slender man once stood, I was released. Mum was calling me, I acted like nothing happened. Later on I went to bed earlier than usual so I could regain energy. I saw him in my dream to, I was reliving what had happened when we arrived. I woke and covered my mouth so I wouldn't scream and wake mum in the other room. I was on the top bunk bed and mum was in a room with a king sized bed, at the other side of the unit. I looked out of the window, I SAW HIM. I pinched myself to see if I was sleeping. I wasn't sleeping, Slender man was looking through some kids window. I saw a glimpse of what was in the window. WHAT I SAW WAS...The child's hand smashed against the window and blood was on the glass. Slender man slowly turned to my direction. I scrambled down with my quilt and went to the bottom bunk, there wasn't a window there. There I slept till morning. When I woke I got changed and checked if mum was asleep, she was. I went to that place I saw last night, I knocked on the door and this lady answered the door, she was cut all down her right arm, she had a black eye and blood was on the floor inside. I asked if everyone was OK, and if she was OK. She replied that she was fine and that she was the only one here. I asked about the child that was up at the window. Her eyes widened, she said that since I know about it , I should come in and she would explain more. She told me to not mind the blood, I was grossed out. Then someone else knocked, it was mum she was invited in too, mum walked through all the blood, That's when I relisted, mum can't see all of the blood and cuts and the black eye, AND slender man. Then the unit started to shake. The lady told me that she was slender mans wife and what happened last night, slender man killed there child and hurt her because he said that she killed her.I asked her why she won't devorse him, she told me that he would kill her if she did. The unit shook even more, "run," what was she saying, "Run,RUN NOW HE IS COMMING! RUN YOUNG APHMAU RUN, RUN NOW!!!" I sprinted away with the fact that she knew my name crossed my mind continuously. Then I heard her scream, I knew what had happened, slender man had killed her.

Story is told by Aphmau

Queen Quacker

This is really good.


Gah istg slender can be creepy af