Hellooooo guys.. M bossy...so m here to share something with u guys Actually my dad is a government officer... So ofcourse he stays out and just seriously we all at home have symptoms of covid M just really not joking.. I have sore throat only but I feel like m not well plus everyone at home is sick. We all r at home only n we have lot of immunity boosters n many medicines But I rlly think that I won't live longer n moreover we didn't do any tests so nobody knows of this... Maybe these r my last days so I wanna enjoy them.... It's rlly A silent killer... It's just feels like one Is just bit sick... But don't know that inside the virus, Is taking over I just pray that my family gets well soon n all the people in world stay safe... I don't want that I should live but I want others should live So guys u take care of urself n ur family and friends and relatives and all... So Goodbye... Let's see how long I can live Love Bossy

Story is told by Bossy


Inti, u r always so caring n sweet.... Thank you sooo much u rlly told me what's right... I'm very grateful to u.... I m always there for u sweetie


Hey. Please hang in there! Don't wish all bad things for yourself like that. Seriously. You have a life too. Your life is precious just as much as others too. And please think about your family. If you leave them like this won't they be sad. Please don't give up on your life. Just have faith and wait patiently. This might be a hard time. But good times are on it's way too. If you give up now you won't be able to be there on those happy moments. And your family members will be so heartbroken if they loose you. I'm sure they love you as much as you do. So please have faith. And get medical help if you need. Don't give up.


Hxni2344, Yah thxxx alot ♥♥♥♥♥


lonewolf, let's hope it that's only


Just pray for the best, Im sure youll pull through ♡


Maybe it is just a really bad cold or the Flu.....


Let's have a MAYBE last chat