It was a really hot day in new York when me and my family,got a cabin booked for a little while. Me and my brother were really exited and couldn't wait about 3 days later we went to the cabin. After we got there me and my brother claimed our rooms and unpacked everything. An hour later we started to hear sounds coming from my room cause me and my brother were downstairs. So we ran up stairs and looked inside of my room inside was a dark shadow. Me and my brother ran downstairs and outside then looked into the window and the gost was standing there with a knife. She started to come downstairs so we got on to our bikes and went as fast as we could into a small town close by. There we found out that our parents died and that the cabin was hunted by a little girl that got killed. By her own dad she was trying to ask for help but we thought she was holding the knife. But the knife we saw was the one she was killed with she was trying to warn us cause her dad still was there. We rushed back to get our things but all the sudden my brother screamed he died. I ran and never looked back again. Made by: alex

Story is told by Alex