Join us in the collection. Join the collection. Join me in the 11110001010101110100001001001001010111010001/010 collection. Indigo Flower is the freak. I have the freak and they will die........ Join me in the collection. The collection is us. ................?...???....????................... 357892167893. 5672135679097644//////987805412312346788 Join me, the freak, in the collection. KADE is back and the end is... Join us in the collection.

Story is told by Indigo Flower

Indigo Flower, Sarah here, himself his forehead hanging out with shhh. 11010//01000010

After My Death., KADE is a rat poisen sándwich eatin van diesel garbage monkey crayon eatin elbow sucking gay bastard coc licking fax machine.


W o w This is some drama coming on in here I kinda enjoy it just saying u-u


After My Death., so a buck tooth moron on a ranch....sacrifceing people....

After My Death.

lonewolf, KADE is the divine.


Indigo Flower, this kade thing is really stupid and sounds like a retard in a robe..with no teeth and a straw hat

Indigo Flower, i do what i want. In two weeks.. U better watch yourselves...

Indigo Flower, Sarah here, what do you mean? Don't you dare touch KADE!!!

Indigo Flower, i figured out u little, ''collection" And the jokes on u and after my death... I know how to stop it. And u dont even know what im capable of. All i had to do was pat attention.. And watch. I think its time KADE gies back to where he belongs.. And its time to end this sheet. ill see yall in hell ;3 Oh. And.. Say goodbye to KADE For me... will ya? Its not to late to change back. And if u dont ill change u myself.

Ahhh great

Queen Quacker

Oh frick this just got real. What the heck is going on?


What kind of collection??

Indigo Flower

Hello I am Sarah. The freak is hurt and I am going to replace them. Hello!!!