Hey guys its Alex again and I'm just gonna give you guys some stuff to do when your depressed and not feeling the best self. So what I do is I text my girlfriend and listen to sad music like paralyzed,if you want love,let you down,empty,all the kids are depressed. They help a lot if you wanna cry so does hate myself and you broke me first. I was not feeling the best because my step sister and my brother was laughing and saying my drawings sucked so I was gonna give up on art. It hurt pretty badly but then I texted my girlfriend and I made her feel bad so I'm not giving up yet yes they may suck. But I'm getting better and I'm not giving up on something I love and drawing is something I love more then anytging. Made by:Alex please don't give up on your favorite things because people say they are bad or you suck at it do it if you love it???.

Story is told by Alex