Recap:Then I noticed something...that uneasy feeling...the feeling of uneasiness...the creepy stare feeling.. was coming from that direction. "NATE",I shouted. "What is in your hand?",I questioned him. Everybody looked at me and turned their attention to Nate who was looking at me so darkly."Nothing", he replied. "There is something in your hand.What is it?Show me." I ordered him."I told you there is nothing in my hand"and yet he was still hiding his hand under the table."Do you know what I'll just get it", saying this I left my chair and went towards him. "NOO..",he stood up so harshly that the chair in which he was sitting fall.He hid his hands behind his back. "Nate.."I said his name in a warning tone."WHAT?!!".I was astonished hearing his tone of speaking with me.He never talked with me like this before. "Nate.. don't talk with your big sister like this. Apologize right now."mum ordered him."Why don't you just show your sis your hands if there is nothing in your hand." "NOO..why don't she just believe it?!!""Because I know what's in your hand and what are you hiding.But are you hiding it in the first place?!!" "Wha..what are you talking about?What do you know that I am holding?You know nothing.Umm because there is nothing in my hand." "OK.Let me see your hands first.Show me your hand and I will believe you."See",he showed me his both hands,"There is nothing in my hand.",as unbelievable it was truly there was nothing in his hand. "But..I am sure it was in your hand.",told it him not believing the truth."What was in his hand?", uncle Liam questioned."THE BROKEN TAPE RECORDER." "What tape recorder?"Nate asked innocently."Nate.. don't lie.""You clearly know what I am talking about." "But honey he has nothing with him.His hands are empty.""But mum..he had the tape recorder in his hand.Let me search him" "Natalia..have you seen him holding the tape recorder in his hand right now?""No.",I looked down."Then stop right now."Mum..""Sweetie I think you are too tried and stressed out from the whole'moving'thing.So o prefer you to take some rest,ok?",uncle Liam said. "...","Go upstairs Natalia.","Yes mom", saying that I went upstairs still giving Nate a mean look and feeling the usual uneasy feeling. A.N.Heys guys hope you all are fine.Today I am very happy because BTS's official 'Dynamite' m.v is released and it has 49M views right now within 7 hours.I was on the seventh cloud when I saw V looking extraordinary handsome wearing green.Ik armys' are doing great right now as Rm got the medicine.Btw stay safe and be fine and as usual please ignore my grammatical mistakes.Thank you.Purple ya all.???

Story is told by Fabliha_kabir


Inti, you will find out sweetheart... Eventually ??


Wow it seems like Nate have something serious issue. Is he possessed? I'm curious now!