The way he holds my hand, the way he pecks her forehead, it has been different from before. Oh, has he found a better girl? Rose would caught him staring at the new girl, with a face more prettier than her. She just wish, she could be her. Clara is her name, with the heart shaped face and the deep blue eyes. Angelic defines her. Rose would ask her mother, "Oh, how can I be prettier?" And she would always reply, "Chant this spell and raise you hands, he would come and grant your commands. But remember, there is always a limit," So she did, she chanted the spell, and the next morning, she looks different. Finally, she became prettier than before. Her guy would just look at her, as he had forgotten the other girl. Rose was happy, but not for long. The second girl came with a shinier hair, Rose could only cry in despair. Her guy wont spend more time with her, so she cried, and talked to her mother. And she said, "Chant this spell and raise your hands, he would come and grant your commands," So she did. Oh, she was happy with her new hair. She got back the attention of her guy, and he would complement her everyday. Oh, what more could she want? The complements stopped when the third girl came. Wider hips and bigger lips, she stole Rose's guy. Roses cried and chanted the spell, when she woke up, her lip is as big as her face, and her hips is too wide for her body. She went outside, not knowing about her body. The third girl came to her with Rose's guy, and Rose's guy said, "What happened to your lips, what happened to your hips? That's it, we're over." And thus he walked away with the third girl. Rose cried, she can never be enough. And that's it, her final wish is to just disappear. So she did, and no one realised. Note; Ok first off, I'm sorry for dissapearing, for weeks? Idk man haha, but I go to boarding school (basically we stay at the school and cant go back home unless there are long hollidays (more than 3-4 days etc.), no gadgets allowed so uh.. please understand ♡ Secondly, YALL IVE JUST REALISED THAT MOST OF MY STORIES HAVE OVER 200 READS! I am genuinely surprised, thanks to everyone ;) and No Flaws got to trending... ♡ I might just jump in glee. Yall been awesome here, you guys are so sweet, I just LOVE reading your comments. Thats all hehe. Btw right, if you have questions, ask away! About the stories or perhaps about my personal details (age, gender etc.) Im out, cyaa! p.s. thanks again, yeah?

Story is told by Hxni2344

Queen Quacker

Absolutely. I don't want a guy that obsessed with looks. It's horrible.


Woah that's hell! Girls should stay as far as possible from guys like that.