Hey guys its Alex I just wanted to write a story about how I've been, and why I won't be posting all this week coming up. This week coming up I'm going to a cabin so I probably won't have WiFi to write and post my storys. So the other day when I was out with 3 friends I tripped over a rock and I cut my left knee cap open again for the third time. My one friend gave me water and a bandage so we but the band aid on after we washed off the blood it hurt to bend it and still does because this happened two days ago. I walked around with my friends and I walked off the pain. Anyways I just wanted to thank all of you guys for reading my books and liking them I never thought so many people would love my books. I use to think I was really bad at writing but I did it anyways because its something I love to do. I would of never been able to believe in myself if it wasn't for you guys so thank you all so much. Made by:Alex I hope you guys have a great day??

Story is told by Alex


Hxni2344, thanks I'll try my best too


Inti, thanks this means a lot cause my brother and step sister where laughing at my drawings and I was gonna give up


You're a sweet person too! And never underestimate yourself. That's the biggest mistake one can ever make. Keep doing what you like to do and never give up. Hope everything gets better soon.


Hey, hope you'll heal soon ;)


Queen Quacker, ?

Queen Quacker

Awww. No problem!