It was around 3am when, I feel asleep and I had a dream, about my best friend that died 2 years before. I started to cry then I woke, up and I was home alone ,and I got up and had a bath after I went to ,my room I seen my best friend in my room. She was sitting on my bed saying that she didnt die she's trapped in the basement of her house. I got changed and ran to her house and broke the window after I opend the window I ran down the stairs to the basement. After I broke down the door I ran in and turned on a light after I turned on the light I seen someone moving I ran up to it and it was my best friend Sam. We cried and then I kissed her she knows I was lesbian but I never told her I liked her. After we made out we went to my house and told my mom and dad what happend and Sam lived with us. When she turned 18 she bought us a house and we moved in together and we adopted 3 kids there's 2 boys 1 girl. The oldest is ace he's 12 the second oldest is ash and the youngest is Elle she's pretty and me Sam and the kids lived happily ever after. Made by:alex

Story is told by Alex


Inti, yup?


At least they got a happy ending •́ ‿ ,•̀

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I don't get it but okay-