It was a day like any other,when me and my sister where watching a move, it was around midnight. It was really dark, outside so we decided to go on a walk but ,before we shut the TV off the news came on. Saying to stay inside, and be safe because there's a killer, on the loose who's going on a rampage to kill. People who made him get locked up for years he was pretty upset and he looked like a guy I knew named ash and I've seen him before. We decided to stay inside and not go for the walk our kids woke up in the morning and asked to go outside then the news came on. It said that they caught the killer and you can go outside so we let the kids in the backyard about half and hour later me and my sister went to go check. On them when we got there Alice was dead on the ground my sister started to cry I went around the house and town to find alex. We searched for hours and we couldn't find him I bursted into tears and my sister hugged me and said we will call the cops. It turns out hunter was still on the loose and wanted to get back at me for breaking up with him he was mad. So he took Alex I said to him if he gave me Alex back I would date him again. He gave me alex and he changed a lot and now we live happily ever after. Made by: Alex

Story is told by Alex


Inti, ikr


The ending though....


Queen Quacker, I love the name Alex

Queen Quacker

That's a whole lot of the name Alex-