Before I begin, this story is only half-true. It's based off a true experience of mine which happened legit 5 minutes ago. My mom was digging a hole and found a little dog statue. For some reason, she gave it to me. ( Fictional story start ) I examined the little statue it looked like a dalmatian, with black spots all over. The thing that kind of bugged me though, was the creepy blue eyes. That night, I left it in the basement. As I lay in my bed, I heard strange noises coming from downstairs. The sound of a dog whimpering, and a grown man moaning in pain. I had trouble falling asleep that night, but I did it eventually. The next day, I went downstairs and found the dog statue in a different spot than where I put it. It was on the floor beside our pool table. Facing directly forward. I thought my dad must have moved it, because he came here everyday. But I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. I brought the statue upstairs. I put it on my shelf, then went to sleep. That night, I heard whispers. And from time to time, I heard what they said. Stuff like: "Should I do it?.." and "I must.." I thought this was very creepy. I thought that since it was buried in our backyard, it was somehow linked to the house, so I looked up the history. I didn't expect to find anything, because our house is moderately normal, and there's only usually websites about actual haunted houses. To my surprise, was wrong. At some point in the 19th century, a single man and his dog, a dalmatian, moved in. The man had been in the military and returned alive, but seeing so many of his colleagues die, he couldn't take it, and cut away at his skin until he bled to death. It had been expected that the dog had killed his owner, so the dog was put to sleep. I bit my lip. That was so sad. I felt terrible for the dog. Althought it was weird, from then on, I always stroked the dogs head before bed and put it on the book shelf beside my bed. It seemed to work. The dog never made any strange noises, but sometimes I hear the faint sound of a dog barking. Shoutout to: Gayandy ( if I spelt the name wrong, sorry. Also, I checked out your podcast. ) Inti Allykat And whoever is reading this. Thank you, ##Username##! Just a reminder, only the fact that the statue exists is true. The rest is fiction.

Story is told by Queen Quacker

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Thanks for the shoutout, great story yet again. The ending was amazeballs. ✨?

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This is creepy indeed. But, awww the ending was kinda sweet.

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Sorry that this is so short, It's hard to find inspiration with the pandemic and all of that quack.