Hey guys its Alex sorry, I haven't post in a couple, of days I've been pretty sore. Since I got, dental surgery done but I will be back to posting. This has been, my dream for a while where I could ,write and people sit and read them and I have a lot of likes thanks to you guys. I never thought I was this good at writing I only thought maybe 1 person would like them. My depression is getting better and I'm pretty happy that it is I hope you guys don't let depression in the way of what you love to do. Cause with you not doing what you love your just adding onto your depression. I will probably write a lot more later of horror books or something I'm just writing the life up date so you guys know thats why I haven't been posting. I hope you guys enjoy your day. Made by :Alex?

Story is told by Alex


Inti, thanks and I will end up posting a lot till statuday cause I won't be home all next week


It's good to see that you're back. I'm happy that you're feeling better and will be waiting eagerly for your stories.


Bossy , ?