2nd September 1994, Tokyo, Araki Public High School On a cold and stormy September day, a new girl entered our school. She was very well dressed but strangely her eyes were bright blue and she was blond unlike our school's students, and that made her beautiful. Her name was Venus, she didn't talk to anyone and preferred to sit alone instead of meeting new people. Jealous of Venus's beauty, bullies in our class always bothered her, they took her money and mistreated her. At that time I was a very good student yet very weak, I didn't dare to do anything to help Venus... When my classmates bullied her she had her eyes with lots of bruises fixed on my face and she was calling calmly my name with her lips covered in blood... " Ayame... Ayame... Help me... Please... " Fear wouldn't let me do anything, I was paralyzed unable to make a movement ... I didn't know why she was calling my name precisely. So instead of helping her I just ran away leaving her alone each time she called my name for help. 22nd October 1994, Araki Public High School, 6:58 a.m. I was the one first to come to the class this morning, barely had I opened the door that I saw Venus' corpse on the desk where I usually sit, the body was all ripped open, Venus' beautiful eyes was gouged out, her beautiful white skin was pale, and her nose was bleeding. I was shocked I didn't know how to react, my hands were getting sweaty. When I wanted to wipe my hands I found blood... on my hands and my uniform... panicking, I wanted to hide Venus' body, approaching the suicide scene I found a sheet of paper on which there was a message written in blood... " Don't look behind you or I will kill you, friendly Venus " Tokyo news, 22nd October 1994 Two bodies of 17 years old girls were found disembowelled and eyeless at 7 a.m, in class D of Araki Public High School. Police deduce it was a homicide but the killer left no trace, the school president in the same class witnessed that she didn't hear any screaming and she didn't see anyone enter class D from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. so this crime remains a perfect mistery for Tokyo...

Story is told by Venus


Wow! This feels like a classic Japanese highschool scary story.


AHHhhh... Soo creepy mannn

Queen Quacker

Oh deer. I'm not going to be sleeping tonight.. This is beautifully scary. Keep it up!