(Hi so this title is my youtube channel name also but i am n Bored yeah i will probably go live on there idk but yeah this is a story about some cryptids crying or calls as in yips woops what not hope you enjoy...) "Let me tell you, i've been up in these mountains all my life but i aint never heard any thing like that"....said Billy joe "Alright do you have video or audio of it or no" Jase said "Yer gonna tell me what it is right if i show you" Billy Joe said cautiously. Jase nods his head yes, Footage: *crackles* Billy Joe: alright yer not gonna believe this but i think it is back...oh sonna frogs fights it is staring at me... (Shows creature will a wolf head but with body of a human) Creature: *BLOOD CURDLING SCREAM THAT ENDS WITH A GURGLE* Billy Joe: i...i think i need i new pare of tighty whities... :end of footage "So that is the dog man you can tell cause of the scream/howl it is scary i dont think you can stay here longer sorry we cant help you out with this creature it is extremely fast and dangerous"Jase said... Three weeks later... Jase gets a call from his boss.... "Hello Jase um we have bad news Billy Joe's dog is dead but he is still alive. So, he moved but he has something more sinister watching him now i sent you the video" said Jase's boss....

Story is told by lonewolf


???????, alright...i will think of something to build up the Wendigo so give me a few days or weeks and it should be out..


A wendigo.


What should the next cryptid be Should it be A Wendigo, and bigfoot, Mothman,Jersey devil...or something else