?If you haven't read the part 1,please read it to avoid any spoilers hehe? As Nikki deep in her sleep, from a distance she can hear knocks on the window. Nikki was shock as she open her eyes and said "who the hell knocking on my window??". As she gets up and walk towards her window, she standing right in front of it. Her heart is beating fast as she know its 3am in the morning. She attempt to open her window curtain but she couldn't because she is so scared and nervous. The knocks on the window had stop. Then she go back to her bed and just brush it in off her mind and convincing it was nothing. As she gets ready for school in the morning, she open the curtain window so that her room will not suround with darkeness. As she opens it, she then notice a red rose outside her window. She take it and smell it. "hmmm its so fragrant but..". She thinks that maybe someone just trying to scared her and pranking on her with the knocks on her window while placing the red rose outside of it. She then decide to toss it back outside so she would not get annoy by it. "Silly people" she whisper to herself. As she arrives at her school, she saw Hannah who was talking with other people. Nikki then approach Hannah "hey Hannah, can i talk with you for a second?" she ask. Hannah then nods and follow Nikki to the cafeteria. As they sit down, Nikki start to questioning Hannah either she had been doing pranking on her or not. "Wait..so you think i am the one who set you up while scared the hell out of you and place a red rose outside of your window huh" as Hannah reply while giggles. Nikki then ask "is it you or what?'. Hannah then said "no silly, you know that last night i was busy doing on my projects". Nikki then sigh and takes that as a sign of relieved. "Oh yea i just remembered, sorry for me to point it all to you" Nikki apologize to Hannah. "Its all good..but are you feeling alright?" Hannah ask. "If you are feeling unsafe ya know.. you can always takes ride to my place" she added. Nikki then nods and smile "Oh yea that is much needed". ????????????? ? ? Thanks a lot for ? reading this i hope ? you enjoy this and don't ? forget to leave comments ? down below. I really appreciate it ? ?????????????

Story is told by Sharifah Atiqah