My name is bethany,When i was around 17 yrs old i had a side-job at a coffee place to finance my studies. One night my manager asks me if i could do a nightshift with my co-worker Aaron, And i asks why, my manager told me that my mid-night worker got a fever. And then he told me if i did a nightshift he would pay me double i said fine. The night came, me and Aaron started the nightshift, few hours later Aaron told me "Im gonna take a nap at the table just wake me up if anything happened, ok i trust you". At around 2:24 AM a customer entered i notice he was a little odd, he was wearing a yellow jacket and a shorts he was so dirty like he hasn't had a bath for 3 years. I put up my best smile and i said "Good morning how can i help you". He was just looking terrified with an angry brow and i said to myself "please don't rob me, please don't rob me". He looked at me with a creepy grin i said "Is there something wrong?". He just said to me over and over again " i like you". Like 20x i scold "please you're freaking me out and im gonna tell you to leave!".he was so full of anger and rage and then screamed "YOU WILL MARRY ME OK AND I LIKE YOU IF YOU DON'T I WILL KILL YOU!". i quickly woke Aaron then i told him everything he said "Sir please leave or we'll call the cops he scramed and Aaron grab me by the arm and pulled me to the janitors room and said fast" CALL THE POLICE NOW!, LOCK THE DOOR WHILE I HOLD HIM OFF". I nodded and locked the door and called the cops i only heard beating and punching sounds i pray to god to help Aaron. The police came and saw Aaron beating the man unconscious, then a police officer called out to me and said "miss are you alright open the door please". Then they arrested the man he was known pedophile, then the ambulance arrived then turns out Aaron was stabbed by a butterfly knife, by the man, thank god he survived then i called my manager he was shocked and i went to the hospital i saw Aaron sitting on the bed then my manager came and he told us everything. That night when he fight the man he punch the man in the face then it was surprisingly that the man had a butterfly knifeand stabbed him he screamed and didn't give up he kicked his feet and beat him up then the police came. My manager paid us extra then we quit our job the next day. Im 26 now and i still think what would have happened if Aaron give up and died then he would have been killed me too.

Story is told by JAlbert

Queen Quacker

Grammar needs work, but the stry itself is awesome. Keep it up!