I was finally able to lose them. Exhausted, I took many long breathes and sat down on a wall. This labyrinth was huge! Anybody could get lost in here. Eventually though, I started to cry. "How could all of this had happen?Was it my fault? Was running away a mistake?" "Are you alright?" I heard a female voice. "W-who's there?" I questioned. Suddenly, a girl appeared with blonde hair and a white dress. It was Namine. My nobody. "Namine! Oh thank goodness you're here! Please...get me out of here!" I cried as I hugged her. "Don't worry, I know a place where you'll be safe. "Tell me where, please!" I said. She then told me that I had to go to a house in an unknown world. "Are you sure it'll be safe in here?" "As long as they won't be able to find you." She assured. So I let her transport me to the empty house. "What if they still find me, though?" "Just try your best to defend yourself, okay?" She said. *Sighs* "Okay." Since it was nighttime, I decided to put on some random pajamas and go to bed. This is how my sleep paralysis began. TBC in part 6

Story is told by Sally.67u